Weekly Reiki

Are you feeling grumpy, tired, run down and emotional? Did you know that when our life force energy is low it becomes easier for us to become stuck in a negative emotional spiral, we can become unwell easier.

As a way to be in service to you all and support you through these unprecedented times, I have started a Weekly Remote Reiki Healing Session.

Reiki gently helps to transform stagnant energy, dissolves blockages and allows the body to relax and your natural healing process to kick in.

These sessions will be every Wednesday at 9pm UK Time (To help ease you over the bump of the working week!) Do not worry if you can’t make it at that exact time – you will still receive Reiki, even if you can’t slow down or take any time to relax. (although, we strongly suggest making the most of it!)

There is nothing complex to it, just relax into the flow and fill out the form below. We can’t wait to work with you.